Raspberry Pi Injection Moulded Case Design Process Unveiled

Raspberry Pi Injection Moulded Case

Adafruit has recently launched a new Raspberry Pi case enclosure for the Raspberry Pi which is now available to purchase over from their online store for $9.95.

To complement the availablity of their new Raspberry Pi clear plastic injection moulded case, they have also released details on the design and manufacturing process that they undertook to create the awesome Raspberry Pi case from scratch.

Adafruit has designed to case to fit both Model A and B versions of the Raspberry Pi and provides access for a GPIO ribbon cable so you can connect a Pi Cobbler if desired. Adafruit explains a little more about the inspiration behind their new Raspberry Pi case :

“We wanted a beautiful, elegant case, not just functional but also something you’d really like having on your desk. Gaze lovingly at its curves & its glossy clear cover!”

Snap the Pi into the case bottom for a secure press-fit. If you want to poke around you can leave the top cover off. If you want to protect your Pi, fit the cover on, it will fit securely so you can put the Pi into your book-bag without worry.

The Pi is press-fit in the case so when removing the GPIO cable, make sure to either fully remove the Pi or hold it down so it doesn’t pop up.”

To purchase one of the new clear Adafruit Raspberry Pi case enclosures jump over to the Adafruit website or here for more details about the design process.

Source: Adafruit

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