Prolific Inventor Dr. Nakamats Is Way Too Cool To Be Human

If geekdom had a reigning sovereign, it would be Dr. Nakamats.

In case you don’t know who he is, Dr. Yoshiro Nakamatsu (Dr. Nakamats for short) has the unique distinction of having over 3,000 patents to his credit. That’s about 2,000 patents more than America’s revered light bulb inventor, Thomas Edison.

Of course, such prolificity has earned him equal amounts of reverence and scorn from the incredulous. It also starts to appear rather absurd when Dr. Nakamats credits himself for inventing the floppy disk, a best selling soy sauce pump, bouncing shoes, a caner healing armchair and an infinity of supplements for improved sexual performance (i.e. “Love Jet—For 69 And Masturbation Too”).

His lifestyle and habits are just as eclectic. Dr. Nakamats won the Ig Nobel prize in 2005 for spending 34 years taking photographic records of his bland meals.

He also uses a dangerous method to inspire eureka moments: he dives into his pool and scribbles notes on a pad while holding his breath underwater. He once ran for public office in Tokyo, lost, and has an intersection named after him.

He may be in his mid 80s by now, but Dr. Nakamats insists he’s still got until the age of 144 to live until he croaks.

That is, if he croaks.

Via Gizmodo

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