PlayStation 4 Will Not Support External Hard Drives Confirms Sony

If you haven’t yet had a chance to read through the extensive next-generation PlayStation 4 FAQ website page which was published earlier today by Sony. You will probably not know that within the text Sony confirmed that the new PlayStation 4 will not support the connection of additional external hard drives, enabling you to expand the on-board storage capacity of your PlayStation 4 console.

PlayStation 4

To re-cap the Sony PlayStation 4 is fitted with a 500GB hard drive for storage and powered by 8-cores of AMD Jaguar processing chip supported by 8GB of GDDR5 RAM together with a next generation AMD Radeon graphics card to process your games graphics.

However if you think the 500GB internal hard drive of your new PlayStation 4 games console might not be large enough for your needs. Sony has explained that users can choose to install a new hard drive as long as it is compatible with the PlayStation 4 standards and measures no thicker than 9.5 mm.

The new drive also has to be larger than 160GB, but if you are already thinking 500 GB of storage is not enough is very unlikely that you be looking to put a hard drive into a new PlayStation 4 console that is under the existing 500 GB limit.

500GB of storage on your PlayStation 4 might sound like plenty of storage but when you consider that some games will require 40 GB of space to be played such as Killzone: Shadow Fall, it won’t be long before that 500 GB of space is completely used up.

The new next generation PlayStation 4 console will be launching on November 15th 2013 in the US and slightly later throughout Europe on November 29th 2013. The Sony PlayStation 4 console is priced at $399, €399, and £349 depending on your location.

PlayStation 4

Source: Kotaku

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