Nottable Laptop Stand

The Nottable Laptop stand by designer Nelson Motta, is a flexible laptop stand that can be positioned in a variety of ways letting you use your laptop in a number of places, whether you are sat on your sofa or lying in bed, the Nottable Laptop Stand is designed for every situation.

It is made aluminum and can take laptops from 10 inches up to 17 inches, it certainly looks very flexible from the photos.

Nottable Laptop Stand

Nottable Laptop Stand

Nottable Laptop Stand

Nottable Laptop Stand

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any pricing or availability information, lets hope they release some details soon as this looks like one of the best laptop stands we have seen.

Product Page via Like Cool, Ubergizmo

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  • joe

    i’m thinkin she’s lookin pretty flexible as well

  • Alexandra

    Where can I buy it (not her) and how much?

  • Sue

    Where can I purchse this laptop stand and how much is it?

  • Rye

    It looks like I found what Ive been looking for, but there is no information on it! I hope you can come up with a price soon or ill make my own! Maybe you could find a way to integrate a laptop hub/peripheral station as well? Either way it looks amazing and exactly like what I was thinking about! Simple yet very handy!

  • Walt

    This is so frustrating; where the “f” can I buy one of these? “F’ing” tease.

  • Peterreeves

    you can buy it from here