Nod Gesture Control Ring Now Available To Pre-Order For $149 (video)

The new Nod gesture control ring has been designed to seamlessly transforms your hand movements into commands, allowing you to control devices and applications simply with a wave of your hand.

Nod has been specifically created to bring the world around you to life, as you control everything from your laptop to living room lights with a simple wave of your hand. Watch the video after the jump to learn more.

Nod Gesture Control Ring

“Nod works with many of the brands and devices you already love, and our open platform allows developers to add Nod functionality into an even wider range of devices. So if you don’t see your favorite smart technology listed here, check back soon. We update this list often.

Nod Gesture Control Ring

Because it works with the ever-expanding number of smart devices and objects around us, you can use Nod everywhere: in your home, at the office, and anywhere in between. Nod simply and easily integrates with all your stuff, wherever you go – provided, of course, that you bring your hands with you.”

Nod Gesture Control Ring

Nod Labs CEO and founder Anush Elangovan explains “We came together with the idea of trying to solve something that we think could possibly be the next computing revolution around input,”-“We took a step back and looked at how we’ve progressed from plug panels and dip switches to the mouse in the PC era, and then touch in the mobile era, and we were like ‘what’s next?’ Speech has always been one part of it, but speech doesn’t work in a crowded room for example, so the next obvious one is gestures.”

For more information on the new Nod gesture control ring and to order your very own for $149 jump over to the official Nod ring website for details and to pre-order your very own Nod ring.

Source: Tech Crunch

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