Microsoft To Launch Retail Stores In Europe (Rumor)

It looks like Microsoft is considering launching some of their retail stores in Europe, according toa  recent report by the FT, Microsoft have been in talks with UK landlords about plans to open Microsoft Retail Stores in the UK.

Microsoft are reported to be following a similar strategy to Apple by expanding their retail stores, although they will have quite a bit of work to do to catch up with Apple’s retail stores.

Microsoft Store

Apple’s retails stores sell only Apple products, where as Microsoft’s retail stores sell products from a range of manufacturers that run their Windows 8 OS and their Windows Phone 8 OS.

It will be interesting if Microsoft are able to make their retail stores a success, in the US they have been opening the stores close to Apple stores and will probably follow a similar pattern in the UK and Europe.

Source FT

Image Credit: Cnet


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