Kinect Hand Recognition Features, Arriving In New Kinect For Windows SDK

Microsoft has revealed that it has been developing a new set of hand recognition features for its Kinect motion controller, and are preparing to release the next step: Kinect hand recognition features very soon.

Microsoft is hoping to release an update Kinect hand recognition SDK to developers over the coming weeks, that will enable developers to implement features on Kinect applications such as pinch-to-zoom together with mouse click gestures from hand movements.


Microsoft is currently demonstrating the new Kinect hand recognition features at TechFest this week in Microsoft’s headquarters at Redmond.

Unfortunately the new Kinect hand recognition features will only be rolling out to Kinect for Windows, and a Microsoft spokesperson explained that the company has no plans to roll out the Kinect hand recognition features to their Xbox 360 games consoles at the current time.


Source: Verge

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