iPhone 4 UK, How To Get A Micro SIM Card

Apple [AAPL] started selling the iPhone 4 in the UK yesterday. Customers we able to purchase the iPhone 4 online SIM free from the Apple store, the 16GB model was available for £499 whilst the 32GB model was available for £599.

This means that people who purchased an iPhone 4 could use it on any network they want in the UK, there is just one small problem with this, the new iPhone 4 uses a new type of SIM card and people are having trouble getting their hands on the new Micro SIM card.

Geeky Gadgets has spoken to all of the five UK networks offering the new Micro SIM cards, you can see below what each of the five networks told us.

iPhone 4 UK, How To Get A Micro SIM Card


O2 told us that if we wanted to get a Micro SIM card, they wouldn’t be available until the 24th of June, and we could either go to our local store and pick one up on launch day, or wait for one to be sent out to us after the 24th of June.

O2 have said that they will be sending out Micro SIM cards to some, but not all customers who pre-registered for updates on the iPhone 4 on their website, they couldn’t tell us which customers would get the new Micro SIM card.

Update: 16th July 2010

I just spoke to O2 again, and they have said that anyone who has pre-registered for an iPhone 4 on their website should receive their Micro SIM before the 24th o June, which sounds a bit more promising. They have also released a guide on how to swap your existing SIM to a Micro SIM, full details here.

Updated: 18th July 2010.

I have just spoken to O2 and it looks like the Micro SIM cards will be available from next week, probably the 22nd, full details at the link below.

iPhone 4 UK, O2 Micro SIM Cards Coming Next Week

Updated 18th June 2010.

The O2 Micro SIM cards are on the way, full details at the link below.

iPhone 4 UK, O2 Micro SIM Cards Have Landed


Vodafone have said that they don’t have the Micro SIM cards in stock as yet, and they aren’t able to send them out to customers until the 24th of June 2010. They did say that this may change between now and the 24th of June.

When I asked why they were unable to release them until the 24th, I was told that they still don’t have th go ahead from Apple, on Micro SIM’s or on their price plans.


Three have said that they will start selling the iPhone 4 form the 26th of June 2010, and the Micro SIM cards won’t be available until then. They said that they have iPad Micro SIM cards in stock but none for the iPhone 4.


T-Mobile have said that they won’t be selling the iPhone 4 until July 2010, so they won’t have any Micro SIM cards available until then, the person I spoke to didn’t even realize that the iPhone 4 would use a new type of SIM card.


Orange have said that they have the Micro SIM cards in stock, but they aren’t able to send them out yet as they haven’t had the go ahead to release them or the iPhone 4. Out of all the networks they sounded the most promising, and are expecting to start offering the Micro SIM cards within the next few days, and will be calling me back when they are available.

Update: 18th of June 2010

It looks like existing Orange customers are now able to get the Micro Sim cards from Orange stores. Thanks Tombo.


It seems like getting a Micro SIM card before the 24th of June is going to be difficult, we suspect that Vodafone and Orange are going to have them before the 24th, although neither of them could confirm this.

We are not quite sure what is going on with the iPhone 4, and what Apple are up to, we got the impression from some of the networks selling the iPhone 4 that the reason they haven’t started selling them on monthly contracts is because Apple hasn’t given them the go ahead to.

So there you go, myself and thousands of other people have purchased a SIM free iPhone 4 direct from Apple, but we may not be able to use it on the 24th of June.

We will be on contact with all the networks over the next week and will keep you guys updated on the Micro SIM cards, if any of our readers have had different information from any of the above networks, please let us know in the comments.

Apple has now released the next generation iPhone, the iPhone 4S, have a look at our article on the difference between the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.


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  • Davo

    I had the same problem – I phoned a range of the networks yesterday after I ordered my iPhone 4. I got similar responses.

    T-Mobile: Didn’t realise that there was need for MicroSIM in the iPhone 4. The assistant even told me that they had been trained on the device and had just used their normal SIM.

    Three: Dismissed me and told me to order a micro SIM from the website. I was asking about PAYG plans so they were totally uninterested in me. They wouldn’t clarify whether they had them in stock or not. Also, told me that the iPad ones “should” work.

    O2 – Told me to request it from the website – FYI they have a page up about Micro SIMs – http://shop.o2.co.uk/new-iphone/micro-sims.html

    Orange – Didn’t call them yet

    Vodafone – Told me they didn’t have Micro SIMS yet

    We really need Apple to clarify this – what’s the point of having the phone on June 24th if you can’t use it? I’m tempted to mak my current SIM into a Micro SIM by trimming it, just so that I can use my new shiny iPhone 4!

    Does anyone have updates about this?

  • TheBIGMan

    @ Davo

    I got the same line trotted out to me by T-Mobile. They appear clueless.

  • http://www.geeky-gadgets.com Roland Hutchinson

    Hi Davo

    No updates at the moment from us, I spent an hour on the phone to all four this morning before I published this article.

    We will be in constant contact with all the networks, until we get some information on the new SIM cards, it looks like there may be a few of us hacking up our current SIM cards by the 24th.

    One of the networks even recommended I get a PAYG SIM card and cut it up, although I doubt that is their company policy :)

  • mackan

    I phoned Vodafone yesterday to be told they dont have any micro sims but after asking to speek to there team leader. i know have one that should arrive to day in the post :)

  • Spinalc0rd

    lol T-mobile gave me that same line this morning. ‘They had been trained on how to use the new iPhone 4 using their normal Sim Cards? lol the assistant said he’d ring me back once he got more info. Tho I have seen vids on youtube on how to cut your normal Sim Card down to size of a micro Sim an supposedly this works…..

  • oli

    Thanks for this! I think ill just cut mine down :)

  • Stephen Shale

    I spoke to Orange this morning, the guy said they do not expect to have released pricing information until the end of the month! What seem to come across was that the network is being held back, until the are allowed (from Apple?).

    He said that the pre-ordering from the Apple website was to see how popular the iPhone 4 is, but based on experience of selling the 3GS, the prices will probably be very similar.

    As for the comment of whether the iPhone 4 will be popular…after one day of pre-ordering, anyone ordering now will not get their iPhone “Shipped until July 2nd”. So the chance of getting the iPhone on launch day, already appears to be over.

  • http://www.geeky-gadgets.com Roland Hutchinson

    Hi Guys

    Thanks for all the comments.

    @ Oli I think myself, and a few thousand other people may be doing the same :)

    @ Mackan, nice one thats good news that they are sending you one, I tried this with O2 yesterday even went to the retentions department and still no joy.

    @ Stephen

    Yeah we got the same impression when we spoke to the networks this morning, its seems like Apple are the ones calling the shots on when they can start to sell the iPhone 4 on contract.

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  • http://www.geeky-gadgets.com Roland Hutchinson

    We just got some more information from O2, about the Micro SIM, I have added the details to the article above.

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  • Natalie

    I just spoke to O2 and they seem to think that I will get a blank micro sim card with the iphone 4 when it arrives on the 24th. I told the guy that I had ordered it from Apple and not themselves and he was told that I would still get a blank one in the box that I could then set up with the instructions on their website. Not sure if he really knows what he is talking about but still. Any thoughts on that? I think I will probably be cutting my sim card down.

  • http://www.geeky-gadgets.com Roland Hutchinson

    Hi Natalie

    We did speak to Apple about this and they said that the iPhone 4 will not ship with any SIM card in the box, if you have pre-ordered a SIM free iPhone 4 from Apple. They told us to contact the individual providers.

    O2 said they are sending them out soon to people who pre-registered for the iPhone 4 online. I will update you guys as soon as we get more information, we will be speaking to all of the carriers on a daily basis.

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  • Spinalc0rd

    Well I had pre-orded my iphone early yesterday got my verification email from apple that my iphone will arrive on or before the 24th June. So its a matter of either waiting for tmobile to provide micro sim or I will cut down my sim card to try it. good thing I have around 5 useless sim cards to practice on 😀

  • Kross

    I rang vodafone yesterday day and they have posted me a micro sim out, they told me to ring up when I receive it and they will activate it with my account and de-activate my old sim at the same time. I already have a micro sim for my ipad which I haven’t used yet and they told me that I could use that if I want to activate it to my mobile phone account now…..

  • http://www.geeky-gadgets.com Roland Hutchinson

    Hi Kross

    Thanks for the information, are you an existing Vodafone customer? we tried to get one as a new customer and were unable to do so. Sounds interesting about using an iPad SIM I maye have to try that.

  • Kross

    Yes im an existing customer….. in the past, if you need a new sim card, the information for you call plan (phone number ect) were put on any new sim card you requested before it was sent out, then all you needed to do was put it in your phone and away you go….now, with vodafone, all sim cards are blank and once the sim is received, you ring customer services up and they pair the sim with your account…once an ipad micro sim has been activated in an ipad, you then can’t use it in the iphone 4, but if it hasn’t been activated you could pop it in the phone then ring the network provider and ask them to activate it…. they may be able to activate it as a PAYG in your case..

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  • Smurf

    Apparently T-Mobile staff have been told that the iPhone 4 they will providing will take a full size sim and not the micro sim. Surely not!!

  • Ryan

    I ordered mine sim free yesterday. Asked T-Mobile uk about getting a replacement microSIM for my contract account via Twitter and they told me T-Mobile have not yet announced their microSIM support as yet. I ordered a template sim cutting sticker and micro back to mini adapter for €4.50 from gomicrosim.com so I can chop up my sim and revert if needed! Seems a good solution to me.. why bother with a £20 specialist ‘cutter’ that you will use once in your life?

  • http://www.geeky-gadgets.com Roland Hutchinson

    Hi Ryan

    Thanks for the information, i suspect a few of us will be cutting our SIM cards down by the 24th.

  • Julian

    Spoken to orange twice about trying to get a microSim replacement for my SIM, they are patchy on information…. VERY patchy. Saying once that i flat out would never be able to exchange it for a microSIM and then the second time saying i could only get one after the 24th June. I will be very unhappy if i do not manage to get one for the 24th when my shiny iPhone comes through the door. So unhappy in fact that i may have to cut my SIM card up!!

  • jay

    orange are now doing micro sims for free mines on its way orderd it at 5 pm tonight

  • Sean

    Julian, I was told exactly the same. I was told that because my current phone isn’t an iPhone, I can’t be converted to a micro SIM as it’s not possible. The only way to do it would be to take out the rolling contract!

    I’ve emailed them, hoping it gets forwarded to a more knowledgeable staff member. I know for a fact that it’s easy to do a sim swap, even with the micro. I’ve also got in touch with Carphone Warehouse, in the hope that they will have stock of micro sims and may sell them individually.

    I’ve ordered a few free Orange sims in which I can do test runs on before i begin to cut up my contract sim.

  • Sean

    Jay are you on an iPhone plan at present, or planning on ordering an iphone from Orange? They didn’t seem willing to send a microsim out for me.

  • Tombo

    I called Orange at 5:40 tonight and they told me that no one had any idea when the micro sims would become available to customers with current contracts. I was told to keep an eye an their website. How were you able to order yours?

  • Simon Beevers

    Just called Orange Business this morning around 9:30am and they are will to ship micro SIMs (NOTE: as other handsets need them, but I don’t know if the iPhone one’s are different), but they weren’t clear on the ability to then port numbers to the new micro SIMs and advised that I should wait until the launch day, as more information will be available.

    Also I believe that certainly Orange are only just training staff now on the new iPhone, whether that’s Apple holding back or just the shear volume of information / training need for the product I don’t know, but either way it’s all looking like good news :-)

  • jon ahll

    Just spoke with Orange…. spent 30 min on the phone passed everywhere

    direct sales on


    In a nutshell now….

    they will only send you a micro sim if you agree to a £10 per month data charge… giving you 750 meg….

    this i am never gona use….i already have pre paid sim with 500meg of data for £5…

    there just out to make more dosh…

    looks like i may have to try and cut it down myself…


  • jay

    got it today well happy you lot are speeking to the wrong people

  • Marcos Scriven

    Micro-SIM = ipad/iPhone 4 = rich customer =try to screw customer even more than usual…

    I’ve tried calling multiple providers, and as this thread suggests, no one seems to have a clue. I just get so frustrated by dumb CS reps…

    If you get anyone to even acknowledge the existence of a thing called a ‘microsim’ at all, then to them all that means is ‘a sim for the iphone 4’. I tell them I don’t want an iphone 4, I want a regular SIM only monthly contract, and I just happen to want to use it in a phone that uses a smaller sim.

    Cha-ching! Ohhhh.. You mean the iphone sir, wellll, we will be announcing tariffs for that soon.

    But I don’t want an iphone tariff, I just want this tariff that has all the minutes/data I want.

    Repeat ad infinitum

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  • jon ahll

    jay… was that from orange ??? and have you had to pay more for data ?

  • jay

    yes from orange, no cash still getting 750mb data part of my contract

  • jon ahll

    just an update guy’s

    Spoke to orange disconnects…. after my pac code…. :-)

    they inform me that i can have a micro sim and don’t need to leave orange or change my data tariff just to be able to use and apple ordered iphone 4 on there network.

    she changed my tariff back to 500meg and £5 a month and told me there is no reason why my micro sim would not arrive….

    I rekon they person i spoke to earlier in the day was just trying to boost his sales stats…

    if you have any problems just get in contact with disconnect and ask for your pac code and explain why…

    Job Done !

  • Ian

    Checked in at the local Applestore today and they confirmed what I was told on Tuesday: they will have O2 microsim cards and will be able to transfer my number from my 3G iPhone if I buy from them. They will have stock though they have stopped accepting pre-orders and the advice was to stand in line. If the iPad launch is anything to go by, if you are there before 8 am they will be able to tell you if there is enough stock for you to buy one as they check what everyone wants by going along the queue. The guy jokingly said 2.30 am would be a good time to arrive.

    He also said that if I wanted to change carrier, I should get a PAC code from O2 in advance. He didn’t think there would be any upgrade offer – there wasn’t when my 18 month contract ran out. I’ve just seen the new O2 prices and Orange undercuts them significantly for the £30 tariff – £54 less over 24 months, more data, 150 minutes against 100. O2 wins on texts, which are unlimited. If the tariffs which Vodafone published then pulled are accurate, they will be cheaper again than Orange.

    Went on to the O2 shop where they knew little. They did confirm that my current Simplicity 30 day contract would continue to give me unlimited data and that they would have micro SIMs on the 24th. I got home to find that O2 had published their tariffs but not the PAYG price. I reckon I will probably queue at the Apple Store and carry on with O2 for a month till the dust settles, then choose the best deal (not just price but also coverage where O2 is not the best).

  • Tim

    I just received my Vodafone micro SIM today… http://www.imbimp.com/2010/06/vodafone-micro-sim-iphone-4-confusion/

  • Rob I

    Hey vodafone have sent a micro sim out to me! Score. Was only on the phone for 5 min max. Ask for the sim which he hadn’t a clue about. He said he hasn’t had the training yet but found a ipad micro sim on his system which he was happy to send out, although wasn’t sure if it would work. I think/hope t does but if it doesn’t I’ll get an iPhone sim on the 24th.

    Depends which sales man you talk to I guess

  • AM

    Just called Orange for the 4th time….this time told on ordinary sim will be compatible with the iphone 4 …. tried to explain that it is not but lady on the phone was adamant. Bloomin’ useless. This is a complete farce – why is it so hard to get hold of a smaller sim card??? Annoyed at apple and the phone networks for creating this mayhem.

  • jay

    ipad sim dont work on iphone 4 sorry
    for orange call 150 press 4 then 2 just ask for micro sim bosh they send it

  • cinek

    so far there’s no way to get a micro sim ;/ even from o2. You can’t order it from their website (unless I’m missing something). Some people say they received micro sims from o2 but they are for iPads not iPhones and after 12 hours, have still not been transferred to the micro sim…..

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  • Tombo

    @ Jay

    Tried 150 – There are only 3 options, do you mean that you should go for the |||||”||i||f|| |||||”you are thinking of leaving orange press 2″, when dailing 150 and pressing 1 – 4 – 2?

    I can’t believe more people aren’t concerned about getting their micro sim from orange and are just contempt with chopping up their ‘normal’ sim cards. If that goes wrong then it’s going to be a load of hassle having to call orange for a replacement.

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  • Sam

    will it be possible to transfer my current contract (not an iphone contract) onto a micro sim on orange without having to change my tarif? orange are useless and have no idea!!

  • http://www.geeky-gadgets.com Roland Hutchinson

    Hi Sam

    We have no idea I am afraid, I would say your best best is to actually go into an Orange store, rather than ringing the customer service, as in our experience the stores seem to have more information.

  • Alex

    I rung up Vodafone and ordered my micro sim today, will be with me by monday got a text back from them confirming this.

  • Alex

    In reply to sam:
    i have a non iphone tariff with data, and vodafone gave me a number to activate the micro sim for use, and said it would work like a normal sim.

  • Tombo

    Sorry for posting hundreds of times, but I just want to finish up by confirming that I’ve managed to get an Iphone 4 micro sim from orange.

    The condition, as jon ahll previously stated, is that I have to pay £10 more a month. I had to downgrade my contract to dolphin 25, then add £10 a month on in order for me to be sent a micro sim.

    I suppose could have just trimmed my sim down, but seeing as though I don’t use that many minutes anyway, I figured that I’d be okay.

    Hope this clears things up for people. If the site admin is reading this, you can update your article.

  • mr lover lover

    I walked into Vodafone store, asked them for a micro sim, walked out with micro sim. Simples

  • MikE

    Walked into orange shop asked for a sim, they said no way and laughter I walked out sad! Also customer services on the phone today told me that they could give me a sim then system crashed, rang back only for orange to say they had a change of policy and no micro sim with out a iPhone 4. No sim only. I will post back with the email they sent me

  • MikE

    Dear Mike

    Thank you for your email regarding an iPhone 4 micro sim card.

    Unfortunately, we do not currently supply Pay Monthly, iPhone 4 micro sim cards on their own.

    As we do not supply them on their own, we can not provide them to customers in your situation.

    I am sorry we are unable to assist you on this occasion.

    Kind regards

    Orange Online Services

  • Sean

    I phoned Orange and they told me that due to the “demand” they’re unable to issue me with a microsim.

    I’ll just go in to the Orange store in the next few days and see if they’ll give me one.

    I’ve heard a rumour that the Apple store will have micro sims available for every network. Does anyone know if this is true?

  • Shane

    I got my O2 Micro SIM Today from my local O2 shop. I have already used the O2 Website to swap it over. I received a text message with a PIN, entered the new SIM number starting 894411 received a text telling me it will take up to 24hrs. Well the whole process took 10mins and I’m now using my new micro SIM. Very hard to take the SIM out without dislodging the Micro SIM inside the normal sized SIM so be careful!!

  • mr lover lover

    Vodafone micro sims are different Shane. They don’t have the extra plastic to fit in a standard sim slot. A shame as I don’t want any delay in using my iphone 4. That extra 24hrs will kill me waiting to use my new toy.

  • Uncle Tone

    As it looks like I might not be able to get a microsim before delivery of the best boy-toy of the decade, I might be going to cut down an old Orange sim with a pound or two left on it just to try the iPhone out until some provider lets me have the proper job. What do you all reckon to my chance of success?

  • BiggySnax

    I rang Orange this morning to try and order a micro-sim. After being transferred through to a lovely lady in iPhone support she informed me that they had been issuing them but then received an email stating that the ability to order them would be turn off until Thursday 24th June. She told me to call back after this point and I would be able to order one. She also told me that Orange will be issuing micro-sim to normal sim adapters with every phone so that people can still use their sim in another phone if required. Fingers crossed this goes to plan!!!

  • http://www.geeky-gadgets.com Roland Hutchinson

    Hi Biggy

    Thanks for your comment, I was also told by Orange that they would be providing these adapter, but when I asked the person at Orange how they would work as the Micro SIM is smaller than the standard SIM they weren’t sure, none of the networks really seem to understand what is going on with the Micro SIM cards.

  • Nic

    My turn to phone Orange. The nice chap said that they received an internal news bulletin on the 16th June about the new phone and that Orange would be allowing existing customers to order a replacement sim. They were then told to hold off on distribution but the customer services guy was unclear as to the reason.

    He was also unclear as to whether you could pick up a micro sim from an Orange shop, and could only apologise that they are unable to help.

    I’ll try a store visit tomorrow lunchtime if there’s no further announcemnet on their web/twitter.

  • flakmagnet

    I called Orange customer services. Their latest update was that they WERE ready to send out Micro Sims, but have now been asked to hold off until the 24th. Quite irritating to say I’m already on contract with them, I just want a SIM to port my number to. Looks like I’ll have the phone on launch day, but not a SIM to stick in it.

  • MikE

    Yep that was the same message I got from orange this morning.

  • Uncle Tone

    May blessings be heaped upon O2. I walked into the shop this morning, signed up for a “Simplicity” 30-day plan, and walked out with both a standard sim and the microsim. All done in a friendly manner with not a hint of how this could possibly be a problem for anybody!

    For the record: the O2 shop in Bracknell.

  • AM

    Have called Orange again…still getting mixed messages and no definitive answer. Called a retail store on Bishopgate in London and they do NOT have the micro sims in stock nor do they have any information.

    USELESS. This is the most ridiculous situation – apple selling phones and leaving customers to scrap in the dark to find a sim card that fits. Why is this so hard? Why are they not working together on this? Havent they had a very long time to coordinate this?

  • flakmagnet

    I’ve ordered some standard SIM cards from Orange’s website. I’ve got 4 goes to try and cut them down to the right size as practice before trying it on my actual SIM! Hope they arrive shortly.

  • Mikey

    Just spoke to Vodafone as I have a contract which doesn’t expire ’til February 2011 so will have to take a new contract out and run it side-by-side as I don’t have enough money to go sim-free.

    I want to use my current contract in my iPhone 4 as I want to keep the same number plus get a good deal with my mins and texts.

    Vodafone told me that I will not be able to get my hands on a micro sim until 25th June at least from a Vodafone store as they have limited stock.

    This is ridiculous Vodafone!!! SORT IT OUT!

    I think i’ll be cutting my current sim to fit the micro sim tray…

  • http://hotmail.com madusmacus

    Got a sim drom o2 shop chatham today
    pay monthly and business one
    wanted pay as ya go

    got home to find a three.co.uk one on the doormat
    3g mircro sim
    1 month rolling contract
    wanted pay as you go

    Bleeding knightmare

  • flakmagnet

    Spoke to Orange customer services, they are now taking orders for Micro Sims, but apparently delivery may take up to a week (a little dissapointing since apparently I was the girl’s first caller of the day asking for a micro sim) but my guess (and this is really just a guess) is that they are taking care of those they managed to snare into new contracts first.

  • Peter

    phone orange today, they told me that they can send me one but i have to take some special iphone 4 tariff wich cost £10 a month extra(I already have unlimited internet on my contract wich is £40) why??? I’m waiting for cutter from ebay

  • Spinalc0rd

    Hey guys, Got my iPhone 4 last night, I had to cut my T-Mobile sim manually to fit the Micro sim slot. And it actually works perfectly at the moment. At first I was worried cause i had just one bar of reception after a few mins it went full bars and been using the phone with no problems at all.

    Of course I’m still going to hound T-mobile for an official Micro sim. But I thought i’d share it with you guys that cutting your Sim Does work on the new iphone 4.

  • flakmagnet

    I tried cutting up 4 old sims, all of which fit, none of which worked. Be careful with the cutting, and if you can, practice with an old/spare one first, I’m waiting for a proper cutter before trying again!

  • flakmagnet

    Just had a call from Orange. Apparently, I need a “iPhone 4 bundle” on my account before they can send me the sim. Which costs £10 a month. What a rip.

  • Pete

    3 haven’t got off to the best of starts for me – I ordered my PAYG MicroSim last Friday… and a standard sim arrived instead yesterday. Paperwork says MicroSim, so I didn’t press the wrong button, and from checking Twitter it looks like I wasn’t the only one who was sent the wrong type.

    First impressions etc etc :-)

  • Angela

    I’ve just purchased my iphone 4 from the Apple Retail Store but can’t use it as am waiting for a T Mobile micro sim. They told me today they would be available on the 30th, though don’t know if they were just trying to fob me off to avoid giving me my PAC number. I want to stay with them to avoid paying a disconnection charge and their micro sims are rumoured to be the cheapest.

  • Angela

    Just a thought – don’t any of the phone repair shops cut sims? Seems a waste of money to buy one to only use it once. Can put it back on Ebay I suppose.

  • harry

    can i use i phone 4 16 GB in Iraq country ?
    can i use my normal Sim card ?
    please .
    i want i phone 4
    how match the price of i phone 4 16 GB in Britain
    my friend will sent to me
    how match ?

  • Elms

    Received my new iPhone 4 today. Just called Orange customer service to order a micro sim card and arrange for my current bundle to be switched across, initially everything was going OK until they transferred me to the iPhone support team who have refused to send me unless I accept to make a change to my bundle which costs an additional £10 a month. I have everything I want and need in my current bundle which includes unlimited data, texts and enough free minutes. 
    Is there any work around or advice anyone can give?

  • Harj

    I was wondering if you could help me…I bought the iphone 4 on py as you go from orange yesterday and i was looking at getting a iphone sim only plan. Would i have to get the sim only plan from orange or can i get it from other providers such as vodaphone aswell?
    Thank You

  • Shambo

    Orange are robbing bar-stewards!!

    I am wanting to purchase iPhone 4 and slam in my existing sim (got all the free mins,texts,data bundle,orange care) after 4 months into a 24 month contract and only getting mixed info from Orange Customer Services.

    Numbnut #1 – £25 for a mini-sim once I have the iPhone to hand need to call with IMEI number and they will pair with mini-sim and send out.

    Numbnut #2 – Buy the handset on PAYG,pay £10 for first month PAYG and call Orange to order mini sim with iPhone Bundle! This costs £10 extra a month ontop of existing talk plan BUT gives you nothing extra!! AHAHAHAHAHA!

    Surely thats not right?? Anyone have any clarification on this ‘iPhone bundle’ that is not mentioned anywhere else!!!

    Much appreciated

  • Shambo


    You DO NOT HAVE to pay the £10 extra a month!! The APN addition is for access via BT Cloud/ Openzone which is pointless if your tariff already has access to unlimited data!

    The front line sales staff are trying to secure the extra £10 very sneaky of Orange. BUT YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR MINI-SIM!!

    Disconnections passd me through to iPhone Support team and they clarified.The member of staff even said that there was no mandatory charge for sim.


  • Cynthia

    i have a monthly contract with carphone warehouse and suppose to be with 02 but when i purchased a unlocked iphone 4s and asked carphone warehouse to swap to mirco sim cpw say i am not with them i have to contact 02 direct or i have to buy another monthly contract with them if i want a new miro sim. when i contacted 02 directly they say because i brought contract via cpw they i am not their customer and i should also purchase a new montly contract with them…….. what a con…. i dont want two monthly contracts i just want to swap to  micro sim…..can anyone help?

  • Alex68

    just get it converted then?