iBattz BattStation Tough Pro 8400mAh Juice Pack

iBattz has added a new portable battery pack to the range this week, which has been designed to help keep your gadgets and mobile devices juiced up while away from the grid.

The new iBattz BattStation Tough Pro provides 2x USB ports and enables you to charge two devices simultaneously, and is available in two battery sizes either a 7200 mAh or 8400 mAh.

iBattz BattStation Tough Pro

The iBattz BattStation Tough Pro has been designed to be strong enough to withstand accidental drops of impacts and its USB ports are sealed, just in case any liquids should come into contact with the battery pack.

As well as being able to charge two devices simultaneously the battery pack is also equipped with a handy flashlight. The BattStation Tough Pro is available in 7200mAh or 8400mAh for $29.90 and $39.90, respectively. Weight 7200 mAh: 6.35 oz (180 g), 8400 mAh: 7.41 oz (210 g)

Source: iBattz

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