HexaPose iPad Stand

The guys over at Inno Pocket have just released a new stand for the Apple iPad, called the HexaPose iPad stand. The HexaPose ipad stand is designed to let you use your iPad at your desk in a range of different positions.

The iPad can be pivoted from portrait to landscape in the stand, and the stand also features a clip that allows you to attach it to a desk or table.

HexaPose iPad Stand

The HexaPose Stand is made of solid aluminum and tough polycarbonate with a chic design tailor-made for the Apple iPad. It comes with a rotatable pivot which can allow you to freely rotate your iPad horizontally or vertically. The pivot can also be adjusted 3 ways for different viewing angles for surfing, reading, gaming or movie viewing. HexaPose Stand is the perfect gadget for your iPad if you use iPad at home just as your PC. It makes your iPad look like an iMac.

The HexaPose iPad Stand is made from a combination of aluminum and precision molded polycarbonate, and you can also use it with the iPad dock cable whilst it is in the stand.

The HexaPose iPad Stand is available for $49.99 from Inno Pocket.

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  • http://www.manuelsworld.ch/ Manuels World

    That looks very good, but I don’t have an iPad!! :(

  • Alejandro

    Yet ANOTHER iPad Stand!? Seriously? that’s your highlight news for today?

    Pencil ipad stand, chopsticks ipad stand, bones ipad stand, can you guys post news that are a little bit more interesting?

    It just seems like when a baby has its first cough everybody thinks its so cute. Its a stupid STAND!! like 1000s more!