Gunnar Optics MW3 Limited Edition Gaming Eyewear, Reduce Eye Strain In Style

Gunnar Optics has teamed up with Activision to release their limited edition Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Gaming Eyewear. The eyewear has been designed to help gamers reduce eye strain while engaging in extended gaming sessions, using LCD screens.

The new MW3 limited edition gaming eyewear  increases the contrast for greater visual accuracy and efficiency while gaming, enhances detail for sharper clearer vision, reduces glare and improves focus and decreases eye fatigue and dry eyes during gaming sessions.

Gunnar Optics Gaming Eyewear MW3

Gunnar explains:

“GUNNAR Advanced Gaming Eyewear creates a more comfortable and rich visual experience, improving a gamers’ visual efficiency, endurance, and recovery, while combating eye fatigue during extending hours of gaming.”

Thew new Gunnar MW3 eyewear is now available to pre-order for $99 and comes out of the box with lenses for 20 – 20 or 20 – 20 corrected vision.

Gunnar Optics Gaming Eyewear MW3

Source: Gunnar

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