Grand Theft Auto: Rise Short Makes Us Want a Full-Length Film

The track record for video game movies isn’t that great. In fact, for while it seemed like Doom might have killed any chance of a successful video game movie. However, Hollywood does have a couple films in the works based on video games. A live-action version of Grand Theft Auto isn’t one of the video game movies in the works sadly.

However, we do have a new live-action short film directed by Gevorg Karensky to check out, and it’s really cool. The short film follows GTAV main character Nico Bellic as he is on a mission to retrieve a phone. Bellic ends up losing that phone and having to chase a couple of people who are getting away in a BMW M3.

Bellic gives chase on a motorcycle of some sort as the passenger in the M3 opens fire with an M-16. After some exciting highway chase action, the BMW eventually crashes and the phone is recovered. Check out the video to see for yourself and wish a live-action GTA movie was in the works along with the rest of us.

via TopSpeed

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