Google’s Free Turn By Turn Navigation Headed To The iPhone – Updated

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Google [GOOG] recently released its free Turn By Turn navigation software for its Android platform, now it looks like Google intends to release their free navigation software to a range of other mobile platforms including Apple’s iPhone.

Google are currently developing a custom version of their free navigation software for the iPhone although there are no details on when it will be available for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Google's Free Turn By Turn Navigation Headed To The iPhone

This is great new for iPhone and iPod Touch owners, as some navigation software available in the App store can cost as much as $99. A free version would be great lets hope it is good enough to replace some of those expensive GPS navigation applications.

There are no details as yet on when the application will be available for the iPhone, or whether there will be a separate version available for Apple’s new iPad, as soon as we get some more details we will let you guys know.

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Updated 23rd April 2010 16:19PM (UK)

PCWorld have contacted Google and they have responded saying that they have not confirmed that it will be coming to the iPhone, they have said ti will be coming to ‘other platforms’ but havent specifically confirmed it will come to the iPhone. Have a look and our article on Android vs iPhone to see which smartphone and mobile platform is best for you.

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  • Dave

    Don’t want to rain on your parade but Google have completely denied this. Google Navigation will not be coming to the iphone.

  • Roland Hutchinson

    Hi Dave

    Thanks for the comment, yeah looks like we made a mistake, we have updated the article.

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