Google Glass Gets A New Boss, Marketing Executive Ivy Ross

ivy ross

It would appear that Google are getting a little more serious about their Google Glass project, as the project now has its first official boss, marketing executive Ivy Ross.

Google recently started selling Google Glass to the general public, the device will be available until Google runs out of stock, we then heard that Google has a new version of Glass on the way.

Google Glass was previously overseen by Babak Parviz before Ivy Ross took over, the project was part of Google X Labs, which was overseen by Google’s Sergei Brin.

Ivy Ross was previously the Chief Marketing Officer for, she has also worked previously at contact lens manufacturer Bausch & Lomb back in the 90s, where she had the rolw f VP of design and development.

google glass

Google could be looking to turn Google Glass into a mass market project, rather than just a device worn by technology enthusiats, whether this is possible, remains to be seen.

It will be interesting to see how Google Glass changes under its new leadership, and whether peoples perception of the gadget can be changed into something that everyone wants to use.

Source TechCrunch

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