Goodbye Hallmark, Hello TV In A Card

With offices in the UK and Dubai (another one is about to open Down Under), the people behind TV in a Card want to change a very long tradition. Instead of the usual run of feel-good stuff printed on paper bought at the corner store, TV in a Card offer TVs in a card. A 3.4 inch LCD display embedded in a cardboard case, to be specific.

TV in a Card 02

The whole point is to give such efforts a contemporary digital spin. Rather than scrawl stuff with pen and pencil, upload a media file in any format and customize the peripheral designs. One of these special cards can run for 1.5 hours and there’s a USB 2.0 port for charging. An upgrade feature is also available to juice up its storage capacity.

Instructions and requests for customized designs are possible thanks to an in-house team who beautify each card. According to the product page:

Imagine the impact on your customers when they open a beautifully printed folder from you, and instead of seeing just text and photos, a full colour video with audio starts playing almost instantly.

Now you can combine surprise with the strong impact of video to both captivate your audience and deliver your message

Though the cards are being marketed to the sentimental crowd, we see its potential as a business accessory. Why bother with bits of paper when a tiny LCD display with interactive features can really impress the other guy?




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  • Adotbruce

    great idea!

  • Sherwin Sowy

    Wonder how much is one?