The World’s Fastest Hard Drive – Fusion ioDrive Duo

Fusion has added a new drive to their range of super fast, extremely expensive hard drives, with the launch of the new Fusion ioDrive Duo.

The Fusion ioDrive Duo is according to the manufacturer, the fastest SSD solution available today, and from the looks of the specification they might be right.

Fusion ioDrive Duo

The ioDrive duo comes with 160GB of storage, for the basic model, with up to 1.28TB for the top model, it has read speeds of 1.5GB per second and write speeds of 1.4GB per second.

It is designed for the server and enterprise market and can be used in a RAID-1 setup for maximum performance..

It is possible to use the RAID-1 setup with just one card, between two memory modules, as the other ioDrives it connect to your PC via a PCie slot.

There is no word on pricing as yet, it is due to go on sale in April, I bet it is going to cost a fair bit when it is launched, especially the 1.28TB model.

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  • LeMelon

    If only it was less expensive…
    I really hope there continues to be more innovation with harddrives – they’re such a big bottleneck at the moment. :(

  • Freaked out

    I bet it will be used to Store PORN

  • Borellus

    Hopefully they will be within my price range some time soon.

  • Carlo Mendoza

    Wow. Not quite ready to jump the SSD bandwagon yet. I hope advances like this bring prices down for laptop/desktop 2.5″/3.5″ SSD HD formfactors.

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  • Rance Muahamitz

    RAID 1 does not improve performance.

  • SuperSparky

    This is a “Spruce Goose”. It’s already outdated before it’s released. SSD drives have the same capacities, and considerably high speeds as to make the price point of this product pointless.

    By the way, RAID-1 is the lowest performing RAID out there. It’s strictly for redundancy. RAID-0 is the fastest performing, and does this by “striping”. With something that expensive, you’d think it would already have a parity scheme so as to render the need for RAID pointless, and perhaps raise its saleability.

  • Brian

    Something like $18,000 is what I’ve heard.

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  • Dan

    “I bet it is going to cost a fair bit ”

    Killer journalism there!

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  • Shungo

    I heard this new Fusion 640GB card is $9,000 MSRP and they give discounts to corporate customers.

    – $9,000 divided by 640GB = $14 per GB

    Intel’s X25E 32GB has a $650 MSRP and they give discounts for orders of 1,000 or more drives.

    – $650 divided by 32GB = $19 per GB

    This is cheaper than intel per GB but it’s still way too expensive to buy for my home PC.
    Drop prices drop!

  • No

    I know this is super pedantic, but it’s not a hard drive (which is short for hard disc drive). It’s a solid state drive. there is a big difference… one has spinny hard discs inside, the other contains flash memory.

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  • Ronnie

    that’cool…but just designed for the server and enterprise market and can be used in a RAID-1 setup for maximum performance..

  • Henno

    Since when is raid1 given any performance advantages? As far as I know raid1 is about security: 2 drives acting in mirror on case one of them should go belly up.

  • James Smith, João Pessoa, Brazil

    This is really the fist shot across the bows of Hard Disk Drives. These Solid State Drives will soon be the norm with price points that beat any mechanical drive. Then when you consider speed, reliability, lower power consumption, remember that you heard it here first. :-)

    The first hard drives were massive, expensive and, by today’s standards, laughable. The SSD train is leaving the station folks, get on board or get off the platform.

  • Genius Idiot

    Wow, so many people do NOT understand RAID 1. It is possible for both RAID 0 and RAID 1 to have identical READ performance. For example, if duplicate bits are WRITTEN across both members of a two member array, only half the bits need to be accessed from each member for a READ. This clearly offers a POSSIBLE performance boost if properly utilized by the hardware.