Dennis Woodside Confirms About His Departure from Motorola

Yesterday, we heard that Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside will leave his current job at the company, and will join the cloud storage company Dropbox as their chief operating officer.

It turns out the news was correct as Dennis Woodside has confirmed it via an official blog post on Motorola’s blog. Woodside said he’ll step down as the CEO at the end of March to join Dropbox.

Dennis Woodside

At the end of March I will step down from my post as CEO at Motorola Mobility to join Dropbox as COO. This was not an easy decision to make, but I leave knowing that Motorola is in great hands – now and in the future.

In the last 18 months, Motorolans have built two of the company’s best loved phones ever, introduced customization to the industry, brought unprecedented quality and performance to a value-priced smartphone, and created experiences that changed how people use and interact with their smartphones.

He looked pretty happy with the Lenovo-Motorola deal and said it could be a strong due in the mobile industry, stating, “I’m excited about what the next chapter in Motorola’s storied history will bring under the new ownership of Lenovo. While Google imbued simplicity and software sensibility into the company, Lenovo will bring it the scale it deserves. I have no doubt the two companies together will be a force for good in the mobile industry.”

From April 1st, Jonathan Rosenberg, who is working for Google from sometime now, will step up as the COO of Motorola Mobility while Google Chief Business Officer Nikesh Arora will continue to serve as the chairman of the box.

Dennis Woodside will be the first COO of Dropbox, and it’s still unclear what his job will include.

Source: Motorola

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