Cool PC Mods – The Hybred Case Mod

Check out this cool case mod, from moder Ville ‘Willek’ Kyro over at Metku Mods.

hybred case mod

This cool mod features a built in 17 inch Hyundai L70S+ LCD monitor and the PC in the same case.

cool case mods

The Case is a custom constructed Aluminium case, and the power supply is housed outside of the main case, inside an external industrial strength case to keep things nice and cool.

cool case mods

Processing comes from an AMD Athlon 64 3500+, there is also 1GB of RAM, an XFX Geforce 6800GT graphics card and storage comes in the form of a Seagate barracuda 320GB SATA hard drive.

cool case mod

The case and the PSU feature loads of orange LED’s, which make it look really cool, I have to admit this is one of the coolest case mods I have seen in a long time.

Metku Mods via Technabob

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  • Arcturus

    Um… buy an iMac?