CinePro iPhone App Adds Real-Time Video Filters To Your Footage

Photographers who enjoy capturing video on their iPhone smartphones and would like to add extra filters for effect. May be interested in a new iOS application which has been developed by Mind Diaper, which allows you to add real-time video filters whilst recording via either your front or rear iPhone camera.

Other features of the neat little app include the ability to manually control the ISO, focal length, aspect ratio and frame rate, and there are 5 filters to choose from, including colour gradients, tilt shift and edge detection.


The new CinePro app launched this month removes the need for processor intensive rendering by enabling users to capture video directly from the iPhone hardware, with the desired filter or effect already overlaid on the display.

“CinePro started with the belief that everyone is a filmmaker. Our goal was to create a tool that was powerful enough for professional filmmakers and friendly enough for anyone with a passion for capturing life’s best moments. ”

You can also swap lenses and see a pixel-accurate 35mm equivalent focal length. The CinePro app is now available to download from the Apple Iyunes App Store for $0.99. Enjoy!


Source: Redmond Pie

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