The Apple iPhone Is 7 Years Old (Video)


On the 29th of June 2007, Apple launched their first Apple iPhone, the handset has been made official at MacWorld in January 2007, and it finally launched in stores in the U.S. at the end of June 2007.

Things certainly have changed since the original iPhone was launched, the handset came with 4GB of built in storage, there was also an 8GB version available as well, and it came with iPhone OS as its operating system.

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Misfit Pebble Smartwatch Fitness Tracker App Unveiled

Pebble Smartwatch

Pebble has announced the launch of a new Pebble smartwatch application this month in the form of the Misfit fitness tracker application designed specifically for the smartwatch.

The Misfit fitness tracker application is now available from the Pebble App Store and allows users to easily count steps and track their fitness activity right from their wrist, without the need for any other device.

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Raspberry Pi Combined With 1942 Crosley Radio

Raspberry Pi

Makers and developers that are looking for a new Raspberry Pi project to keep them busy for a few weekends, might be interested in this awesome Raspberry Pi radio which has combined the awesome $35 mini PC with a 1942 Crosley Radio.

The modern take on the classic radio system has been created by Andy Felong who has cut away the front face of the radio to reveal a iPad touchscreen display.

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MOS Reach A Power Supply Solution For The Modern Age (video)

MOS Reach

Anyone looking to bring their wall sockets which are positioned behind furniture or in out of the way places. Might be interested in a new modern age power supply solution called the MOS Reach which has been designed by Andrew Adams and Greg Petersen.

The MOS Reach has been built using the highest specification components available to provide a flexible power solution that you can have within easy reach at all times.

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Bungie Destiny Achievements Revealed (video)

Bungie Destiny

Over the weekend Bungie has unveiled Destiny achievements that will be available within their new Bungie Destiny game that is currently under development and will be launching on September 9th 2014.

Early adopters that have already pre-ordered the Bungie Destiny game, will be able to play early on both Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox platforms during its beta development stage that kicks off next month on July 17th 2014.

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More Photos Of The New BlackBerry Passport

blackberry passport

The BlackBerry Passport was recently unveiled by BlackBerry CEO John Chen, who shows off the handset earlier this month, and now some new photos have surface, giving us a better look at the device.

This new BlackBerry smartphone features a square display that measures 4.5 inches, it will come with a resolution of 1440 by 1440 pixels.

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LG G Watch Reportedly Coming to AT&T And Verizon

LG G Watch

Last week, Google introduced the LG G Watch which comes with Android Wear as its operating system. The smartwatch is up for pre-orders on the Google Play Store, as well as available for shipping at a UK retailer.

The LG G Watch doesn’t come with SIM-support, but it seems carriers will be interested in stocking the smartwatch as it’s an accessory for a smartphone. AT&T has already confirmed that they will sell the LG G Watch in the US, but it seems they are not the only one. @evleaks tweeted earlier that Verizon will also offer the smartwatch, but we’ve yet to hear from the Big Red about this.

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Secure Blackphone Smartphone Now Shipping For $629


After being first unveiled back at the beginning of this year the new secure Blackphone Android smartphone has now started shipping the initial pre-orders taken earlier this year and new orders are expected to start being taken 2q3o9012i80-again in the middle of next month for $629.

The Blackphone smartphone has been designed to provide owners with a secure device that cannot be eaves dropped and has been built via a partnership between security company Silent Circle and Spanish smartphone manufacturer Geeksphone.

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Ai.Frame Open Source Humanoid Robot Kit (video)

robot kit

Anyone who fancies owning their very own open source and hackable miniature humanoid robot, might be interested in a new robot kit called the Ai.Frame.

The Ai.Frame robot kit has been designed to provide owners an open source robot that can be customised both with command as well as preassembled or self-assembly modules to add extra functionality.

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Styx Master of Shadows 14 Minute Gameplay Trailer Released (video)

Styx Master of Shadows

During E3 earlier this month Cyanide studio the developers behind the upcoming Styx Master of Shadows were showcasing their new game and demonstrating its gameplay to visitors of the E3 conference.

But don’t worry if you couldn’t make it to E3 this year as Cyanide has now released a 14 minute gameplay trailer and walk-through for their new Styx Master of Shadows game allowing you to whet your appetite and get a good feel for what you can expect.

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