HTC Hima Launch Details Leaked

HTC One M8

We’ve heard quite a lot about the alleged HTC Hima, expected to be the upcoming HTC One M9 flagship from the Taiwanese OEM. We’ve heard about some of the specifications its expected to offer.

While Samsung is expected to launch their next flagship device at CES 2015, the same cannot be said for HTC. A new rumor suggest that HTC won’t unveil the HTC One M9 Hima handset at CES or MWC, but will schedule a special event in March to unveil the handset.

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OnePlus One Custom ROM Announced


We have been hearing rumors for a while that there is a new  OnePlus One custom ROM on the way, and considering the recent banning of the handset in India, due to the issues with CyanogenMod, the new ROM will be welcomed by OnePlus fans.

The company has announced that they have a new custom ROM for the OnePlus One smartphone in the works, there is no name for the ROM as yet.

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Magnet Digital Touch Smart Jewellery Launches On Kickstarter (video)

Magnet Digital Touch Smart Jewellery

If you are looking for a way to connect with your partner while apart, you might be interested in a new device called Magnet which offers a new smart jewellery wearable device that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth communication.

Magnet has been created to enable users to communicate their emotion and tell a partner something special that only you two may understand. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about this unique smart jewellery and how it functions.

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Pebble Smartwatch Receives Android Wear Notification Support (video)

Pebble Smartwatch

Smartwatch makers Pebble have this week announced the roll out of a new update to their wearable Android compatible watch that now brings with it support for Android Wear notifications.

The latest version 2.3 Pebble smartwatch Android app provides owners the ability to now reply and act on notifications directly from their wrist worn Pebble smartwatch via Android Wear notification compatibility.

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Build Your Own DIY Satellite Using The New PocketQube Kit

DIY Satellite

Makers, developers and hobbyists that have always dreamt of making their very own DIY satellite might be interested in the new kit has been unveiled by PocketQube in the form of the PocketQube Kit v1.0 EM.

The PocketQube Kit has been specifically designed as a first step to building your very own first satellite and consists of Alba Orbital Skeletonized structure (1p, 2p or 3p), Radiobro MiniSatCom, Alba Orbital Labsat (Test and Development Board) and Alba Orbital On Board Computer (OBC).

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Sony Unveils Google Glass Style Single-Lens Display Module With OLED Ahead of CES

Sony Display Module

Sony has this week unveiled a new Google Glass style lightweight single lens display module that they have equipped with an LED display and designed to provide users with visual information directly in front of their eye.

The new Sony display module consists of an optical unit together with an LED micro-display which is powered by a control board consists of a processor, sensor hub with Bluetooth and wireless connectivity.

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Meizu MX4 Pro Now Available For $549

Mx4 Pro

The new Meizu MX4 Pro smartphone was announced recently, and now the handset is available to buy with prices for the device starting at $549 unlocked.

The Meizu MX4 Pro comes with an octa core Samsung Exynos 5430 processor and 3GB of RAM, the handset is equipped with a 5.5 inch Quad HD display with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels.

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OnePlus One Sales Banned In India


The OnePlus One smartphone was recently launched in India, although sales of the handset have now been banned in India, after Micromax managed to get an injunction against the sale of OnePlus devices in India.

Micromax has an exclusive agreement with Cyanogen to use their version of Android on their smartphones in India, and as the OnePlus One comes with CyanogenMod, the company has gone to court to stop sales of the device.

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Motorola Smartphones Headed To China

Motorola Smartphones

Motorola is now owned by China’s Lenovo, the company has not released any new Motorola smartphones in China over the last few years, although it appears that the company now has plans to launch some new devices in China.

Motorola has announced in their official Chinese website that the company will be launching new products in China in the near future, and we suspect that these new device may be Motorola smartphones.

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Sony Hackers threaten attack on theaters that show “The Interview”


The saga that is the Sony Hacking scandal continues. The latest threat from the hackers is that they will attack movie theaters that screen the movie “The Interview”. This movie is believed to be the entire reason for the Sony Pictures Entertainment hack.

The Interview stars Seth Rogen and James Franco. The premise is that they are recruited by the CIA to eliminate Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea and they’re invited for an exclusive interview. North Korea has denied involvement in the attack, but they have been investigated to find out if the country was behind this.
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Apple products no longer for sale in Russia


Russia’s economy is not very certain right now. There are several reports about wild fluctuations in the Ruble and then there is also uncertainty regarding Ukraine. There are other factors too. So citizens are attempting to move their existing funds to something more stable. Imported goods are also affected, since this instability is causing some businesses to be more cautious. Some companies may choose not to be a part of it at all. Like Apple is doing.

Apple has stopped online sales in Russia due to “extreme” fluctuations in the Ruble. The company is currently in a holding pattern as they review their Russian store. So iPhones may get scarce in Russia, at least for a time.
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LG Tab Book Duo Windows Tablet Launches In Korea

LG Tab Book Duo

LG has this week launched a new addition to its range of Windows tablet in the form of the LG Tab Book Duo, that comes fitted with a 10.1 inch multitouch IPS display and running Microsoft’s latest Windows 8.1 operating system.

LG has equipped their new Tab Book Duo Windows tablet with an Intel quad-core processor but unfortunately at the current time hasn’t release the exact specifications or processor type.

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