Awesome Mini Cooper Gaming Chair

Check out this fantastic gaming chair created from the frontend of a Mini Cooper. Its been designed and created by David Gawthorpe and includes an Xbox, 500-watt amplifier, strobe and laser lights, stereo sound, lasers, a fridge at the back and even a remote-controlled smoke machine.

When not in use the gaming chair can be folded away and is hidden under the bonnet of the car. To play simply lift the bonnet and your ready to go. The foot pedels slide out from the front grill and the Steering wheel swings in to position from under the bonnet.

Mini Cooper Gaming Chair

There’s even a vibration pad called the “Butt Kicker” built into the chair that reacts to bullet sounds and the alloy wheels  turn into additional two seats for when you have gaming company. Can it be any more awesome.

The first prototype of the chair has been already sold to a London entrepreneur, who has plans to resell it in his shop in Pimlico for around £8,000 ($12,967).

Mini Cooper Gaming Chair

Mini Cooper Gaming Chair

Via Gizmodo

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  • BigGoofyGuy

    I think that is way cool. It would be neat if they had one that was Smart car based (more appealing to me since I own a Smart car). :)

  • Michael-Andreas Wynter

    dude who came up with this was a genious and i would like to shake his/her hand. i especially like the little added touch of the cup holder. and if there isn’t already, think about puttiing a mini-sub in under the seat for a more realistic rumble feel for those diehard racer fans. or maybe a cooler to store your beers in for the older stickly double xp weekend gamers ;). just another little smart idea, buy out an older abandoned movie theature and strip the movie seats out to replace them with these for gamers to have birthday parties to rent out the place. you would actually get a broader aduience to knowdess this amazing idea. as of right now it looks like a cool collectable, no offence