Amazon Launches New Wearable Technology Storefront

Wearable technology

To help you stock up on all the latest wearable technology from manufacturers such as Sony, Garmin, GoPro, Fitbit, Misfit and Polar to name a few.

Amazon has this week unveiled a new storefront they have created specifically created for wearable technology. Allowing you to easily find smart devices capable of tracking, connecting and enhancing your lifestyle.

If you are looking for the latest wearable technology to help you enhance your lifestyle the new Amazon storefront is a good place to start and learn about the huge wealth of devices that are currently available.

The new wearable technology storefront includes action cameras, heart rate monitors, activity trackers, GPS running monitors and of course the all-important smartwatch. Which seems to be the new technology manufacturers are pushing, with manufacturers such as Samsung, Pebble, and Motorola already competing for users.

Wearable technology

Meanwhile Apple and other large tech companies are apparently developing their own wrist worn devices, which are expected to be unveiled sometime in the coming future, in the form of the iWatch and others.

Recently Google also unveiled their new Android Wear operating system which Has been specifically designed to enhance wrist worn devices and connect them to your Android smartphone for further functionality.

Source: Amazon

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