A-Tac The Anti Terrorist Golf Cart

OK so it isn’t really designed to be used as a golf cart, but it certainly looks like one, maybe what Batman’s golf cart would look like, the A-TAC.

The MetalTech A-TAC stands for Anti-Terrorist Assault Cart, and apparently it is designed to be used  in light spaces such as hotels and stadiums, it is fully bullet proof and has room inside for two armed guards.

A-Tac The Anti Terrorist Golf Cart

A-Tac The Anti Terrorist Golf Cart

There are fourt slots that the armed guards can fire their weapons out of, it has a top speed of fifteen miles per hour and everything on the A-TAC is bulletproof including the windows.

The A-TAC runs on batteries just like a regular golf cart, and the battery will last for up to six hours, oh and if you want one it is going to cost you a whopping $45,000.

Bornrich via Ubergizmo, Dvice

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  • Josh Lipes

    Too bad a well-placed box of thumbtacks could take out those golf cart wheels…Man, I would love to take this thing to the country club.