Wicked Device WildFire WiFi Arduino Compatible Board Launches

If you are looking to earn some serious network and Internet connectivity to your applications and projects you might be interested in a new WiFi board created by Wicked Device called the WildFire.

The WildFire board is an Arduino compatible board designed to provide extended scope when creating applications with larger data requirements and greater I/O needs.

WildFire WiFi Arduino

The WildFire WiFi Arduino compatible board is equipped with WildFire’s onboard TI CC3000 Wi-Fi module, ATmega1284p processor and a MicroSD Card slot.

Wicked Device have also designed to board to be used with the TI SmartConfig mobile app that allows users to configure WildFire networking wirelessly, without the need to edit and upload new system code. For more information on the new WildFire WiFi Arduino board jump over to the Wild Fire website for details and to purchase for $89.99.

– Wi-Fi with TI CC3000 chip with on-board ceramic antenna
– 128K Flash (4x UNO)
– 16K of SRAM (8x UNO)
– 4K EEPROM (4x UNO)
– MAC chip for proper network addressing (helps with multiple boards on a single network)
– 2 Hardware UARTS
– Micro SD card slot for applications such as data logging
– 4 Additional Digital I/O pins and 2 Additional Analog Inputs over Arduino Uno
– Accepts Arduino shields
– Programmable via Arduino IDE
– Network configuration via TI SmartConfig application (iOS/Android/PC)
– The WildFire comes pre-installed with a RESTduino based web server sketch that allows you to read and write to the WildFire I/O pins from any browser on the same network as the WildFire.

Source: MAKE

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