UK ISPs Ordered By Courts To Block Three More Online Piracy Web Sites

Today the UK courts have ordered the United Kingdom’s major ISPs to block three more websites who are publishing links to pirated material, in a hope to reduce the amount of online piracy in the UK.

The courts have ordered the UK Internet service providers to block their customers from accessing the Kickass Torrents, H33T and Fenopy websites.


However the BBC reports that online piracy data they have viewed that the blocking of The Pirate Bay by UK ISPs only had a short-term effect on the level of UK pirate activity online, with levels returning to normal shortly after the block was imposed on UK ISP customers.

Last week Music industry group the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) chief executive Geoff Taylor explained their stance on online piracy:

“The growth of digital music in the UK is held back by a raft of illegal businesses commercially exploiting music online without permission. Blocking illegal sites helps ensure that the legal digital market can grow and labels can continue to sign and develop new talent.”

Only time will tell whether the blocking of Internet website will have any effect on UK or worldwide online piracy

Source: BBC

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