TobyRich iPhone Controlled SmartPlane (Video)

The latest smartphone controlled gadget is from TobyRich, their new SmartPlane can be controlled by Apple’s iPhone, and according to the company this is “the first smartphone-controlled airplane in the world.”

The TobyRich SmartPlane is made from polypropylene and it is designed to be both lightweight and durable, it features a propeller which is offset in the planes nose to reduce the chance of damage, have a look at the video below.

TobyRich iPhone Controlled SmartPlane (Video)

TobyRich iPhone Controlled SmartPlane (Video)

Forget big, bulky remote controls. The best remote control is already in your pocket: your smartphone. You can fly the SmartPlane with just one hand – simply slide your thumb to go up and down, and tilt the phone to turn. PhD in aerodynamics: not needed!

The SmartPlane is no dumb toy. It lives, breathes, and understands your commands – analyzing the situation and automatically making adjustments and corrections to assist you while flying. But you wouldn’t know if we didn’t tell you!

The TobyRich SmartPlane comes with an iPhone app that will let you fly the plane, it is available now from Toby Rich and it retails for 69 Euros.

Source TobyRich, Gizmag

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