The Gadget Hound Can Keep You from Losing Four Prized Possessions

When I was growing up my mother was always losing her car keys. We bought her one of those key chains that would beep when you clapped to help her find the keys so we weren’t constantly late to school. A new gadget has surfaced called The Gadget Hound and it reminds me of a modernized version of a key chain.

There are multiple versions available supporting different numbers of gadgets, but the standard version supports four different devices. You get a remote control with four buttons and labels so you can label what the buttons correspond to. The system also includes four receivers roughly the size of a quarter.

The transmitter and receivers can communicate across a large home of about 3000 ft.² through walls. When you press the button that corresponds with your smartphone, TV remote control, your glasses, or other things the receivers beep. That all you have to do is listen for the beeping to find your device.

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