Staples Announces 3-D Printer Availability Online

3-D printing is certainly the wave of the future. 3-D printers can be used to create all sorts of gadgets, toys, novelties, and prototypes for devices being designed for various needs. When 3-D printers first debuted, they cost tens of thousands of dollars to purchase putting them out of reach for most users and small businesses.


Thankfully, the cost of 3-D printers has come down significantly and the Cube 3D Printer that Staples is offering online costs under $1300. The printer is available via for $1299.99. Staples will also offer the printer in a limited number of its stores by the end of June.

The printer will work for Windows or Mac computers and comes with 25 free templates for creating 3-D items. Staples will also sell the cartridges needed to refill the printer and keep it working.

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