Sony Portable Wireless Server WG-C10 Offers Mobile Storage And Sharing (video)

This week at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) exhibition, Sony has unveiled its new Sony portable wireless server WG-C10, which will be landing in Europe during the summer months.

The Sony Portable Wireless Server was first unveiled back in CES earlier this year and has been designed to provide users with extra storage space and battery power for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.  Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Sony Portable Wireless Server and see it in action.

Sony Portable Wireless Server

The Sony Portable Wireless Server has been design to enable up to eight users to connect simultaneously to the device , allowing them to playback and view different media at the same time. Viviano Cantu, director of consumer media marketing at Sony Electronics explains:

“We’ve all experienced these scenarios: my smartphone’s memory is full, I can’t upload photos to Facebook from my camera, I lost my phone and all my data, or my smartphone is out of power,”-“With this wireless server, users have easy access to their data and added peace of mind. It’s an ideal companion for photo enthusiasts, business travelers and families on vacation.”

The Sony Portable Wireless Server offers 10 hours of continuous operation possible, and can be used as a extra power source for your mobile devices when required.

Source: Liliputing

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