Samsung and Golf GameBook Team up for a Digital Scorecard

Samsung has teamed up with a company called Golf GameBook to develop the world’s first digital golf scorecard that is enabled with official signing. The app uses the functionality of the Galaxy Note II S pen for writing scores and for the digital signing. The Golf GameBook Apple selected as one of the small group of Samsung S Suggest applications.

The app allows the electronic scorecard to be signed in the same manner as a traditional paper scorecard. The digital signing allows the car to be compatible with the official rules of golf, which was previously unknown for digital scorekeeping applications.

“This innovative new feature makes the Golf GameBook’s Android app even more appealing for golfers of all levels! We are very pleased about our co-operation with Samsung, and grateful as well. It has been a wonderful experience participating in the development of the new electronic scorecard. In addition, I am very proud about our S Suggest qualification. It shows that Samsung values our international potential, “says Kalle Väinölä, co-founder of GameBook.

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