Real Racing 3 Will Be Free to Play

EA’s Real Racing franchise has been one of the more popular mobile video games for Apple and Android mobile gamers for a while. The last version, Real Racing 2 sold for $4.99 for the iPhone user. The new version of the game is set to debut on February 28 called Real Racing 3.


Rather than costing five dollars to download, this version of the game will be free to play for Android and Apple gamers. The catch to the freemium business model of the latest title in the franchise is that you will end up having to pay for items via in-app purchases.

At this time it’s unclear exactly how much in-game purchases will cost and what you’ll have to purchase. I’d wager you’ll have to buying vehicle upgrades and pay to unlock the vehicles. Odds are the game will end up costing you more than $4.99 Real Racing 2 sold for.

via CNET

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