Raspberry PI Passes Quality Testing

We recently heard that sales of the Rapsberry PI computer had been out on hold as the device had to go through quality control testing here in the UK, good news as the Raspberry PI Foundation has announced that the testing is now completed.

The Raspberry PIvhas now passed the quality control tests and can go on sale without any hardware modifications, which is great news for those people who are waiting to get their hands on the device.

Rasberry PI

As you may know, we’ve had periods booked in a testing chamber at Panasonic’s facility in South Wales for the whole week. Jimmy, Craig and Gareth from Gainspeed, our EMC consultants (with assistance from Phil the EMC lab manager, occasional assistance/hampering from Eben and the aid of many Asda sausage sandwiches), have been working into the evenings, and lost their Good Friday holiday to get all the testing finished. There is still a mountain of paperwork for us to sign, and that then has to be looked over by RS Components and element14/Premier Farnell; but that’s a piece of cake compared to what we’ve been doing all week. Given that we’ve had the chamber for the whole week, we’ve used the time to make sure that alongside the CE requirements, the Raspberry Pi also complies with FCC regulations (USA) as well as CTick (Australia) and what we’ve been calling “that Canadian thing”.

You can find out more information over at the Raspberry PI Foundation.

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