Raspberry Pi Model A $25 Computers Rolls Off The Production Line

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has this week announced that their new manufacturing plant based in Pencoed, Wales in the UK, has seen its first Raspberry Pi Model A system samples roll off its new production line.

The Raspberry Pi Model B has been available for some time at around $35, but the systems developers always wanted to try and create and even cheaper system, and the Raspberry Pi Model A is the first, priced at just $25.

Raspberry Pi Model A

“We’re having a very busy, very mobile couple of days. We’ve been talking to Welsh teachers, spending time at the factory in Pencoed, doing EMC testing on the camera boards, picking up engineering samples of the Model A, visiting suppliers, and generally running up and down the south of England and Wales with our hair on fire.”

The Raspberry Pi Model A is lacking a few of the features of the Model B and does not have an Ethernet connection and is only equipped with one USB slot. The lack of these extra features also means that the Raspberry Pi Model A consumes much less power than a Model B making it perfect for projects the Model B might not be suitable for.

For more information jump over to the official Raspberry Pi Model A blog post.

Source: Raspberry Pi : Liliputing

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