Raspberry Pi Kindle Screen Hack Creates A KindleBerry Pi

If you own a Raspberry Pi mini PC and a Kindle device, you might be interested to learn that a hack has been created that will allow you to transform them both into a KindleBerry Pi. Enabling you to use the Kindles screen as a display for your Raspberry Pi mini computer.


KindleBerry Pi

The Kindle, Raspberry Pi hack was created by Gef Tremblay whilst on a trip to Europe, allowing him to travel light, he explains:

“The plan was, using a Kindle as a screen, connecting it to the processing power of the Raspberry Pi while using an external keyboard to work comfortably. Since connecting an external keyboard to the Kindle seemed impossible at that point, I needed to use the Raspberry Pi as the ‘hub’. The tinkering started and the KindleBerry Pi was soon to be born.”

For more information on the KindleBerry Pi hack jump over to the Hacker News website.

Source: Gizmodo : MAKEGef Tremblay

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