Proview Suing Apple In US Over iPad Trademark

Yesterday we heard that the case between Proview and Apple was put on hold in a court in Shanghai, after the court ruled that the case wouldn’t go ahead until the case in the high court in China is heard.

Now it would appear that Proview has decided to take its case against Apple to the US, the company has now filed a case against Apple in the Superior Court in the state of California.

Apple iPad

Proview originally sold the rights to the iPad name to Apple for $55,000, although the rights were brought through a separate company, and now Proview are claiming that Apple used deception to buy the iPad trademark from Proview.

We presume that Proview mean that Apple did not identify themselves as the buyer of the trademark, which we are sure if they did, Proview would have probably wanted a lot more than the $55,000 they received.

Also if Apple had identified themselves as the buyer of the iPad name, then they would hardly have been able to keep the iPad a secret, before it was officially announced.

Source WSJ


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