Entertain your pet while away | Petcare Robot

If you miss your pets while your way from your house the Petcare robot maybe the ideal gadget for you.

The Petcare robot comes with its own remote control pad which allows you to control it via the Internet and play with your pet while away. By releasing remote control balls and controlling them with the pad.


The robot device is fitted with twin cameras fitted with infrared lenses allowing you to see your pet even in the darkest corners. The cameras are also fitted with special eyelids that protect the camera lenses from overenthusiastic pets and loving licks.


Mintpass PetCare Robot

Via Walyou

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  • Rover

    How much is it and where do i get one from ??

  • http://arcadetables.com.au Sean

    I’d love one also…

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  • shanay

    I want to get one also, where are they sold, or are they even out yet?

  • Nikko

    I hope to get one also, where is it sold?
    I from Malaysia i hope here can buy it.