Microsoft SkyDrive Update Adds Selective File Synchronisation (video)

Microsoft has this week rolled out a new update to their relatively new SkyDrive cloud storage service, which now allows users to selectively choose which folders and files they would like to synchronise within the Microsoft cloud storage service.

The new SkyDrive features are now available to use both within the Windows File Explorer and within the Finder section on Mac OS X systems. Check out the video after the jump to see the new selective synchronisation SkyDrive feature in action.


“With today’s release, you can now select which folders from SkyDrive are synced – making it easier to use SkyDrive with laptops or tablets with small drives. You’re in control. If you’d like to keep all your photos and documents in SkyDrive but only sync a folder of your most important documents to your laptop, you can do that – even if your desktop is syncing the full set. You can choose specific sub-folders to sync as well; you aren’t limited to your primary SkyDrive folders.”

For more information and to download the new SkyDrive application if you haven’t already done so, jump over to the Microsoft SkyDrive website.

Source: Microsoft

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