Lytro Future Focus Camera Receiving 3D Parallax Effect Feature And More (video)

Lytro manufactures of the very unique Lytro light-field future focus camera, has this week announced that they will be rolling out new features to the camera including 3D display support and a 3D parallax effect feature.

The new parrallax-based effect update will be rolling out the Lytro camera by the end of the year, watch the video after the jump to see the Lytro 3D parrallax-based effect in action.

Lytro Camera

Even though the effects are still in the early stages of development the 3D effects are still impressive, and will be rolled out via a software update, to Lytro camera owners.

As well as announcing the additional new features rolling out later this year, Lytro has also announced that their cameras have now arrived in Hong Kong, and are available to purchase for HK $3,888 for the 8GB Electric Blue and Graphite models, and HK $4,688 for 16GB Red Hot Lytro camera.

Source: Engadget

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