Kim Dotcom Wins Access To Evidence Seized In Megaupload Raid

Kim Dotcom has won another victory in his fight against extradition to the US, as a New Zealand court has ordered that all evidence seized in the 2012 Megaupload raid has to be returned to Kim Dotcom.

The New Zealand police and the FBI will now have to return everything that was seized in the Megaupload raid to DotCcm, which includes computers, hard drives, files and other materials.

Kim Dotcom

“The police are to review digital data storage devices and return any to the plaintiffs that contain no relevant material,” Justice Helen Winkelmann said in a statement. Police, she said, may retain other storage devices but had to “provide a clone of those devices to the plaintiffs”.

Kim Dotcom’s extradition hearing is scheduled for August of this year, but this could be delayed because of other related cases to another court ruling which found that the 2012 Megaupload raid was enacted with unlawful warrants.

Source Reuters, TechMeme

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