Keep Warm In the Frigid Outdoors With The Chaheati Chair

The outdoors are great and a precious escape from the blandness of modernity. What isn’t great is frigid temperature and numbing cold, both of which have reared their ugliness this winter. Thank heavens for the Chaheati chair then.

Chaheati chair

Here’s what the official site says about it:

“The Chaheati all-season, heated collapsible chair is designed for one purpose: to provide a comfortable place to sit no matter what the weather.”

At first glance it’s a regular fold-up chair that jolly campers always bring with them when pitching tents somewhere isolated. But wait, you might have missed the magic. What magic? As the title of this article indicates, the Chaheati (rhymes with Tahiti—strange huh?) warms itself. But how?

The secret is in the little pouch hanging on the side. That’s the heating element. One setting can warm the seat and back of the chair up to 38 degrees, another setting can go as high as 60 plus degrees, but only for an hour and a half.

One Chaheati All-Season heated Camping chair will set you back $89.99. The Chaheati has two color schemes, the red-orange and black pictured above and another that has a camouflage pattern. The heating element also has a separate 12v charger that costs $15 while extra batteries go for $35.

Via Chaheati

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