Joker iPad Decal

Apple’s iPad has only been on sale for just over a month, already we have seen some cool iPad decals that will give your shiny new tablet a customized look, like the awesome Iron Man iPad decal and the fun Star Wars iPad decals, this latest one has to be the coolest so far, the Joker iPad Decal.

This cool Joker iPad Decal makes it look like the Joker is holding the Apple logo on the back of the iPad, and it is made from vinyl so it can easily be applied to your iPad.

Joker iPad Decal

This is a digitally printed and cut vinyl decal, which fits nicely on an iPad to make it look like the Joker is holding the apple.

Decal is glossy and comes to you ready for peel and stick, and I will include instructions on how to apply it.

If you want one, there are only a couple available for $16 from the BlackGlass shop over at Etsy.

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  • Andrew Ryan

    Have you ever noticed that nobody gives a shit about these stupid iStickers ?

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  • Jailbreak

    This is damn awesome…

  • Greg

    Andrew Ryan is right. Do you get money from Etsy for these post?

  • Roland Hutchinson

    Hi Greg

    Thanks for your comment, we don’t get money from anyone for any posts.

    We try an cover stuff that all of our reader will like, I guess you can’t please everyone all the time.

  • Steve

    I’m glad you do post them. I like them, just as many other readers do, so please carry on publishing to a wide audience.

    If people don’t like what’s being published, bugger off
    to another site.

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  • Ashbarmar

    cool sticker