iPhone Lands On FreedomPop On Free And Low Cost Plans

FreedomPop will be offering the iPhone on their free and low cost plans, the company will offer a refurbished iPhone 5 on their network for $349.

And if you own a Sprint compatible iPhone 4, iPhone 4S or iPhone 5, you will be able to use these devices on FreedomPop, and these devices will work on their low cost and also their free monthly plans.

iphone 5

The FreedomPop free plan gives you 200 voice minutes per month, and also 500 text messages and 500 megabytes of data, if you need more than this then they have other plans which start at $5 per month.

On top of offering the iPhone on their network, the company is also looking to expand its range of Android devices, and will add in support for the Galaxy S3 and the HTC Evo 4G in the next couple of months.

The company also intends to launch an iPhone app for people who are on other networks, this will give them free voice, texts and voice mail, although there may be charges from your existing carrier for using data.

Source re/code

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