Groupon Payments Arrive on Android With Groupon Merchants App 2.2 Update

Groupon has this week announced the launch of their updated Groupon Merchants App for Android, v2.2 with Groupon Payments included. The addition of Groupon Payments on the Android platform brings Groupon’s product closer to their competition, Square.

The newly updated Groupon Merchants App for Android application includes the ability to enter bill totals, add tips, apply taxes, process refunds and email customer receipts, whist using Encrypted credit card information.

Groupon Payments Android

Business owners and managers can analyses the payment information and transactions seamlessly via the online Groupon Payments Center, which shows live transaction history, daily sales reports, deposits to their bank account and revenue trends.

“We’re thrilled to bring the powerful features of the Groupon Merchants app and the cost savings and convenience of Groupon Payments to more merchants with smart phones,” said Gene Alston, General Manager of Groupon Payments. “This app is an effective tool for merchants looking to process payments and track customer growth.”

For more information on the new Android Groupon Payments jump over to the Groupon website for details.


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