Google Glass Explorers Can Now Get The New Glass 2

Google announced their new Google Glass 2 back in October, and now Google has send out incites to its existing Google Glass users, inviting them to swap their existing hardware for the new Google Glass 2.

Google sent out invites for the new Google Glass 2 to a number of current users yesterday, and they have until February to swap their existing glass for the new version, this is available to people who purchased Glass before the 28th of October.

Google Glass 2

Developers are not required to update their Google Glass to the new model, although Google has explained that its development going forward will be based on Glass 2 and not the older model.

Google Glass 2

Owners of  Glass originally paid $1,500 to get their hands on the gadget, and Google is now providing the Google Glass 2 as a free upgrade to existing users.

It will be interesting to see how Google Glass develops over the next few months, with the new hardware, we can expect some new apps, like the new Google Play Music for Glass that was released the other day.

Source Engadget