Emoticon Keyboard

Have you ever wanted to add an emoticon to a conversation but just couldn’t drum up enough effort to type each character? Well Russell Holly over at Geek spotted a prototype emoticon keyboard while visiting CES this month, that might just make dropping those little faces in to our chats even easier 😀

The emotion keyboard attaches to your computer via USB and provides an array of 12 quick type emotions at your disposal. Its thought that the keyboard will be have ‘glow’ options to personalise the look once it goes in to production, but full specifications are a little scarce at the moment.

Emoticon Keyboard

The product is called Bajca. It is produced in Italy by Progind (www.progind.it) and designed by Adriano Design (www.adrianodesign.it), an Italian design studio.

** Information Update – Supplied by Vincenzo Franciosa from Adriano Design **

Bajca is the new USB keypad with 16 keys that communicate 16 different emotions-actions. Keys are replaceable with others always different in graphics and emotional significance. These keys become then emotional “jewels” to wear, give as a present or exchange. It may seem an ironic product, like a game for adolescents, but Bajca is more: is the new communication tool, the “pen” for today.

Bajca is for sale on the site www.bajca.com for €29.90

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