Disk It Sticky Notes

Yesterday we say the fun PixelPad iPad notepad, today we have another cool gadget themed notepad, the Disk It Sticky Notes.

The Disk It Sticky Notes, as the name suggests are designed to look like floppy disks, and they were created by designer Burak Kaynak, we think they are a great idea.

Disk It Sticky Notes

Disk It Sticky Notes

‘In the last few years more and more instances of the floppy disks have been spotted online but i couldn’t find anything interesting for myself. So i came up with an idea; Disk-it

An iconic alternative to the most popular yellow post-it notes, 3.5” floppy disk shaped sticky notes, designed for taking notes – attaching notes to documents and to other surfaces.’

It looks like the Disk It Sticky Notes are in the prototype stage at the moment, so we have no idea if they will actually go on sale, lets hope they do as I would love some of these for the Geeky Gadgets office, they certainly are a lot more interesting than post it notes.

Behance via The Awesomer

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