Chrome 15 Stable Release Rolled Out With Re-Designed Tab Page (video)

Google has this week rolled out its latest Chrome browser to a stable release. Chrome 15 now brings with it a number of changes adding extra security and a new user interface re-design with a Tab page.

Google has redesigned the Tab page to be more streamlined to enable easier access to sections and allow you to organise your apps in to different sections on the page. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

Chrome 15

The new version of the Tab page looks similar to the old but has now been tweaked to add additional functionality. You can either page between the application shortcuts and page thumbnails by clicking an arrow or by using the navigation bar at the bottom of the page, to access multiple pages.

The new changes go hand in hand with Google new Chrome Web Store which has been also re-designed and was featured yesterday.

Source: Google

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