Chocolate Joy Jacket Created Using A Raspberry Pi And Arduino (video)

Creative Technology Consultants Hirsch & Mann has created an interactive, wearable jacket called the Chocolate Joy Jacket, using a Raspberry Pi and some Arduino wizardry that responds and changes as the user eats chocolate.

The Chocolate Joy Jacket was commissioned by Cadbury’s and promotes their range of chocolate products, check out the creation of the funky jacket after the jump.

Chocolate Joy Jacket

The Chocolate Joy Jacket talks to the wearer to insidiously suggest the eating of chocolate, and detects nibbling with a camera in the collar then creates a display of lights, confetti. and popups using compressed air and technology controlled by the Raspberry Pi and Arduino components.

“The intention was to amplify the joy experienced by a person as they enjoyed two different (and awesome) flavours of Cadbury chocolates. The two flavours of jackets were related to the Cadbury products”

Source: Raspberry Pi

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