Bo And Yana Robots Teach Kids To Program (Video)

Bo and Yana are a couple of cool looking robots that are designed to teach children to program, they are from a company called Play-i, and the company’s CEO Vikas Gupta, says that kids can program these robots easily using every day skills.

The average five year old child may not know how to program, but they can tell stories, and sing songs, and these are the skills that a child needs to program these two robots.

Bo And Yana

Bo is an explorer. He is playful and curious. He loves going on adventures and making new friends. As you play with him, Bo learns new skills and becomes a more capable robot. Together, there’s no stopping where you and Bo can go.

Yana is a storyteller. She is clever and imaginative. She hasn’t found her wings yet but she is full of dreams. Yana can surprise you and entertain you — with characters brought to life with gestures! Use the power of your imagination to unlock her potential.

Bo And Yana

These two robots will be made by Play-i through crowd funding, the company is hoping to start shipping these cool robots next year, Yana will be available for $49 now, $69 later, and Bo for $149, he will retail for $169 later on.

The company is also releasing an API for Bo and Yana, and a developers kit is available, this is currently going to set you back $499, you can find out more details over at Play-i.

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