Biohacker Embeds Circadia 1.0 Computer Inside His Arm (video)

A German biohacker by the name of Tim Cannon has cut open his arm and embedded a Circadia 1.0 computer that transmits his biometric data to his Android devices.

Because the surgery couldn’t be carried out by regular surgeons as it would be unapproved by medical authorities, Tim needed to rely on a team of body modification enthusiasts to carry out the Circadia 1.0 implant.



The Circadia 1.0 technology has been designed by Tim and his team from Grindehouse Wetware and the first version has been designed to provide data on the temperature of his body in real time via a Bluetooth connection. As well as being equipped with 3 LEDs which can be used to illuminate the tattoo that is positioned above where the Circadia 1.0 computer is located in his arm.

“I think that our environment should listen more accurately und more intuitively to what’s happening in our body,” Cannon explained. “So if, for example, I’ve had a stressful day, the Circadia will communicate that to my house and will prepare a nice relaxing atmosphere for when I get home: dim the lights, let in a hot bath.”


Grindehouse Wetware have already started work on developing the Circadia 1.0 computer to monitor pulse and have started shrinking the system down in size to make is more user-friendly. Check out the video after the jump to se the Circadia 1.0 computer in action.

Source: KotakuThe DIY Cyborg

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